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Nitish Kumar – The Chanakya of Indian Democracy

By The Bihar Times Jun4,2024

Nitish Kumar – The Chanakya of Indian Democracy

There is no magic in winning elections if you are having persona of Narendra Modi  or mass appeal of Lalu Prasad the real magic happens when you get the fruits of victory at the cost of others , this is what Chanakya did by using Chandragupta for fulfilling his own desire of revenge and capturing the throne of Patliputra and almost the same act is repeated by NItish Kumar and the greater aspect about Nitish Kumar is that he is using both RJD and BJP for capturing the throne of Patliputra (Patna). When he ditches BJP , it is for communal harmony and when he breaks alliance with RJD it is for zero tolerance against corruption. The political equation still looks in the favour of Nitish Kumar.

He is touted as the most clean politician of the country and why not he knows how to clean sweep his opponents despite of having limited political strength and charisma. The man is the real Chanakya of modern times, political pundits might be banging their head on wall that what kind of magnet this man is having. He turns his opponents into allies enjoys political superemacy at the cost of his allies or opponents (whatever you call) and then separates from them and make ally out of the opponent.

He has been a survivor of politics, quite amazingly not a great election winner or mass leader still he managed to run three consecutive governments . Probably, in todays politics you must know the art of flexibility and maintain friendly relationship with your opponents and keep your friends in delemma.
He has done this on two occasions very successfully first with BJP and now with RJD. On both the occassions, the winner and beneficiary is the same man, Mr. Nitish Kumar. However, the road might not be easy for the modern day Chanakya, its going to be very tough to maintain the flock together of his own party JD U and probably he will have to make many moral compromises to satisfy his partners in BJP, who are staunch follower of Hindutva politics.

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