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Patent Approval of Cow Urine Used As Medicine – What is the Truth?

By The Bihar Times Jun4,2024

Patent Approval of Cow Urine Used As Medicine – What is the Truth?

Twist the truth and it will become attractive but it will also become a blatant lie. The story of cow urine getting recognized as medicine in USA is a blatant lie. The truth is that applications were made to the US Patent and Trademark Office for the idea of creating medicines for treating several health condition with the application of extract of Cow urine or its derivative. As the application is unique and probably the patent attorney presented the case in the best possible way the approval was granted by USPTO.

Now coming to the point if USA has recognized cow urine as medicine for any type of health condition the answer is flat no. For that the cow urine lobby will have to get the approval of FDA. The Cow urine propagandists have been making registrations and applications throughout the world to propagate the pseudo theory that medicinal benefits of cow urine extract are invention of India and only India should be credited for that and to be precise only Hindus should be credited for that. However, they are finding it difficult to get the foothold even in India which has become more rational in last few years.
There are cases where people have claimed that their ailment got treated by consuming cow urine but when thorough research was done it was found that almost all of them were under some form of modern medical treatment and probably started taking medicines prepared from cow urine along with the original treatment. There is not a single lab test under standard conditions which ever proved efficacy of cow urine as a medicine. Baba Ramdev has introduced “Gonyl” a cleansing liquid based on cow urine which is used for cleaning floor,  a clear indication that something which is used for cleaning floor might be too dangerous for our organ systems.

Cow Urine As Source of Gold – Thats why public in India is Becoming Guinea Pig of Economic Experiments:

Government appointed scientist B A Golakia of Biotechnology department of Junagarh Agricultural University in Gujarat has claimed that one liter of cow urine can have 3 to 10 mg of gold in the form of salt and his research result matches with the claims of the ancient scriptures approved by the RSS. So if all the urine disposed by the holy cow in one month is put through the experiment of Mr. Golakia, we can easily have 8 to 12 gm of gold which has worth of around Rs. 25k to Rs. 30 K . Frankly speaking, this amount is worth more than the income one can have by selling cow milk. Indeed, cow urine is becoming a big business.

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