Sat. Jun 15th, 2024

Kochi Kiss Fest- An Open Challenge to Moral Police of India

By The Bihar Times Jun3,2024

It seems that the count down to confrontation against Narendra Modi’s BJP has started. The Kiss Fest against moral policing in Kochi is nothing but an open challenge to BJP which is known for its moral policing. The government of Kerala has not banned the fest, an obvious proof to the fact that they are more than silent spectator in this brazen act against the modern day Hindu culture which believes in suppressing the open display of love and attraction.

It would be worth mentioning that in the ancient ages Hindus were the most open minded people who were not hesitant in letting the artists put open display of explicit love in their creations. Anyway, those were the old days, in the modern time there is no place for such kind of things.

The young minds are challenging the authority of the Modern Hinduism which prohibits open display of emotions of love. Its really amazing that Modi jee is still silent over the daring act of few youths in Kerala. If proper action is not taken on right time then most likely BJP workers would be compelled to swallow their pride and this type of youngsters might go ahead with the vociferous celebration of Valentines day which is just 3 months away.

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