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How To Find Your Lost Cat?

By The Bihar Times May24,2024

How To Find Your Lost Cat?

First of all, you must keep in mind that cats don’t like to remain confined to limited space. Most of the time they love to venture out and use their owners home for sleeping and eating. Even if you provide the delicacies of the whole world but your cat will never like to stay at home for 24 hours. Despite of being playful and friendly they are fond of privacy and love to spend around 1 to 3 hours a day without any company.
Mostly they don’t go too far from home and stay in the radius of around 200 meters. But sometimes specially in case of kittens below the age of 4 months they loose their way back to home. If you feel that cat has been away for too long then you must immediately take the following steps for finding your cat:
1. Defining the Area to search: Make sure that you spend your resources at the right place. There is no point in searching your cat in the area too close to your home. You must search for the cat beyond 20 meter radius of your home if you are living in a densely populated city. In case you are living in country side or open area where large tracts of land surrounds the main home then it would be better you search for the cat beyond the 40 m radius. You must do the extensive search till the radius of around 250 meters.
2. How to Search– If you are a experienced cat owner then you may have developed some sort of sound to call your cat. Here, I would like to specailly mention that cats may not always show the obvious response  when you make such sounds but they do take notice by moving their ear. To find your cat simply make such sounds while looking for your cat in the defined area.
3. Time for Search: Cats are noctunal animals and they like to look for prey in night. The appropriate time for the search is 5 PM in evering to 8 AM in morning. You must make atleast 3 to 4 attempts after regular intervals of at least 2 hours to find your cat.
4. Leave the favorite food of the cat outside the home. Most likely the cat will smell it and come back.
5. Check if some big alpha cat is roaming in the area if you find any such big cat then make it run away from the area by spraying water or making sound. Some times the cats go into the hiding in the same area because they are scared of the big cats.
6. On average cats return back to their home in 8 to 72 hours. Even if your cat has seen you during the search operation, she will respond according to her own desire and don’t expect them to behave like dogs who come running after their owners once the get the call.

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