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SMS As Legal Document in Gov Office

By The Bihar Times May23,2024

SMS As Legal Document in Gov Office

Government has decided to consider SMS as legal and valid documents in its Government Offices. It can also be used as prove. Central Government from Monday has started a new platform with 241 applications. These applications is related to RTI, health , Aadhar Card, education, etc.

This facility has been provided by launching the ‘Mobile Seva’ service by the department of electronics and IT . Just like Railways, there would be  system wherein by showing (transaction) SMS or, whatever be the case (like e-mail), the proof on mobile will be accepted as valid document. This mobile governance  has started with about 100 departments and testing proof of concepts.

Joint secretary at DEITY Rajendra Kumar  has also informed that soon digital signature for mobile phones is going to be introduced , which the government can use in messages that are to be sent to the citizens applying for a service.

There are about 90 crore mobile phone subscribers in India. Mobile Seva may bring a great revolution in relation to document verification and its storage . However, there would be technical hiccups , because from last few years still India is not able to provide Aadhar card to even half of the population. Though a positive step , but as usual if it is implemented in incomplete state across India , it would create more problem for the citizens then smoothness in the official work.

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