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Miss Universe Olivia Frances Culpo At Taj Mahal – Case Registered For Shooting

By The Bihar Times Jun4,2024

Miss Universe Olivia Frances Culpo At Taj Mahal – Case Registered For Shooting

A complaint has been lodged against Miss Universe Olivia Frances Culpo, on her maiden visit to India and others accompanying her while shooting a Ad for a footwear brand at the Taj Mahal. A case has been registered against them on an Archaeological Survey of India complaint.

According to Care Taker of Taj Mahal, Munazzar Ali Miss Universe carried sandals in her bag and it was taken out and placed on the Diana Seat for shooting pictures which is not permitted by the ASI and it is also considered disrespect and insult.

A marble bench at the central pond is named after Princess Diana who visited the Taj in 1992.

The 21-year-old Miss Universe with her group visited the World Heritage monument on Sunday. Due to media pressure and tourism industry , Archaeological Survey of India had to officially complain to the police and get a case registered. Earlier the police was in pressure to ignore the violation.

According to Supreme Court directive there is prohibition to use Taj Mahal for commercial purposes. As per the directive, no one is allowed to hold demonstrations or enter with banners within 500 metres of the monument.

The most amazing fact is that Miss Universe Olivia Frances Culpo was escorted by U.P. Police personnel and the CISF, who is supposed to look after security and frisking at the entrance gates, “were too impressed and allowed her to carry her bag inside”.

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