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152 Bride Prospects For 68 Year Old Groom in India

By The Bihar Times May30,2024

152 Bride Prospects For 68 Year Old Groom in India

Indian girls may have got many freedoms and rights through constitution and there are

many girls who are rising ahead but don’t forget that there are still many girls in

India who can compromise and get settled with a heavy pocket groom.

One such incident was reported on International Business Times. A successful US doctor of Indian origin, who is 68 years old sought help from a local Gujarati marriage bureau to find a suitable Indian bride.

The marriage bureau advertised in a local daily and to utter amusement of the bureau officials they got 152 responses. The youngest girl to respond was only 21 year old.

When the bureau officials interacted with the girls they found that the girls were quite bold in saying that it was the US tag rather than the age which mattered to them. No doubt, these girls have realized that every good thing in life comes through money and those intangible things which money can’t buy doesn’t matter to them.

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